Looking for transport for your event in Lisbon? No matter if it’s a meeting, conference, wedding, exhibition, or any other event, corporate or private. Then look no further, You just found probably the best private transport management company for your event in Lisbon with over 50 years of experience.

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We are professionals when it comes to Meetings, Congress, Promotional Events, corporate travel, and event transport management for all incoming groups. Our unique local personal knowledge means that we can cater to any services that you could possibly require. Our destination knowledge, industry expertise, creativity, and access to key contacts have made us one of the fastest-growing travel and Event Transport Management Companies in the luxury transportation market.

Corporate Events, Meetings, Congress and Promotional Events

We provide the perfect passenger transport solution for your event. We have over 50 years of experience organizing all types of transport and itineraries.

Here below you can check a few examples of what we have been providing transportation services and drivers for;

  • International Automotive Brand Launch
  • International Summit of a Photography and Film Company
  • Convention of a medical and home help company
  • Annual meeting of an industries group
  • Event for an energy multinational company
  • Convention of a home care company
  • Seminar of a health and hygiene multinational
  • Event for an electronics multinational
  • Launch of the new collection of a clothing brand
  • Event for a multinational in the financial industry
  • International seminar of a pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Team building activity for a multinational of fresh products
  • International convention for a vehicles and construction company
  • Consulting firm annual meeting
  • Congress of vehicle services multinational
  • Convention of a Hygiene and Health Multinational
  • Incentive Trip for an Automotive Company
  • Fashion Multinational Annual Meeting
  • Food Distribution Franchisee Convention
  • Seminar for Pharmaceutical Laboratory
  • Annual Congress for Insurance Company
  • Meeting of International Oil Company
  • Event for Food Industry Multinational Company
  • Meeting of International Consultancy Company
  • Incentive Trip for Banking sector
  • Professionally Trained Chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Full-Service Transportation
  • Nation wide network of Transportation Partners