We have several chairs for various ages.

Yes there is extra charges for overnight stay.

All pets must be in a special carrier when traveling in a car. All pets over twenty-five pounds must ride in a mini-van or a van, with the exception of service dogs.

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We have drivers that speack english, Spanish, Portuguese, French and german.

If it is requested, we can add an extra guide, which is sure to improve especially in large cities since parking sometimes is difficult.

Yes it is possible to pay by phone once we receive all traveller trip details we will issue a invoice and card details can be provided over the phone.

yes, we accept all kinds of credit cards online.

The first benefit that will be mentioned is a good image. With its sleek appearance, a limousine chauffeured service has always represented class and style. This is very important when you are traveling for business. You and your every move are being judged as soon as you are seen. The clothes you wear are important. Your accessories as well. The ride you came in will not go unnoticed. Therefore, all of these must be perfect. Hire a corporate limousine car sedan and travel in style. Not only that it will bring class and sophistication it will also depict you as a responsible, detail oriented and organized person. It will tell that you don’t leave anything to chance, that all you do is well thought out. Such a person is perfect to do business with. People will know that they can leave things in your hands and it will be done.

When someone is traveling for business, it very often means that the schedule they have doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room. This means that there is little to no time to waste seeking for a taxi at the airport or waiting in line for public transportation. You can easily be late to a meeting and risk not closing the deal. Corporate limousine service is reliable and time-saving. When you use it, the chauffeur will be waiting for you. He or she will take care of your luggage. The only thing you should do is focus on the events during the stay. You will be on time for the meeting and when you get there you won’t be frustrated from driving.

Corporate limousines are cost effective. It is a common misconception that they are luxury available solely to those who have money to burn. The truth is that modern limo companies offer a wide range of services with different options and price ranges. When you think about it, what would be more expensive? Will it be more expensive to hire multiple taxies or only one limo? You can even make money from it by doing business during the ride. If you choose another means of transportation it can cost you potentially less money that instant, but in the long term it will turn out to be an expensive ordeal. Your reputation may be threatened and needing even more funding to return back to its original state. When you split the cost to the number of people riding in a limo it turns out to be very affordable.

As previously mentioned, corporate limousine provides the perfect first impression. It is cost-effective, time-saving and reliable. You won’t do the driving and as a result, will have more time to focus on your work. Do business or relax during the ride. Your every need will be met by a trustworthy, responsible and reliable chauffeur. You will arrive at all your appointments in style and on time. The services are very flexible and can fit into any of the business scenarios. Whatever the size of the group is and the occasion you can expect immaculate service done by professionals in their field, just like you are in yours.

In the end, a corporate limousine is going to satisfy every need you have. No meter the number of people that needs the ride, the quality of service is always perfect. When you choose it, you have one less thing to think about. You will never again be late. You will feel relaxed and calm. No more waiting in lines and dealing with the traffic in the congested cities. When traveling for business, the schedule can be packed. It can be relaxing to know that someone else is taking care of transportation. Portray an image of a true professional that can handle anything on their way. Hire a corporate limousine with us.