Best Tours in Portugal – March

Spring is here and is time for you to plan your next vacation, and that will be in warm weather Portugal. Below you can find many tours throughout the country.

You have to choose the one which suits your needs. Enjoy the warmth of the first days of Spring and all that comes with it!

Here are the tours to choose from:

  • Porto tour
  • Serra da Estrela Tour
  • Fátima Tour
  • Lisbon Tour
  • Sintra Tour
  • Évora Tour


Porto Tour

The city overlooks the Douro River and is full of life and tradition. These are the spots you’ll be visiting, if you book this tour now: Mercado do Bolhão and the super friendly butchers, fishmongers and florists that work there.

Lello Bookstore, the famous bookstore known for being a source of inspiration to JK Rowling; Santa Catarina Street, known for being the home to the acclaimed Majestic Café, as well as the local commerce heart; the grand Carmo Church and The Tower of Clérigos;

Aliados Avenue, where people come to celebrate many events, and that has massive structures; the São Bento Railway Station and the twenty thousand tiles that cover the walls; and Vila Nova de Gaia, a town on the southern bank of the mouth of Douro river. Cross the D. Luís Bridge and visit some of an essential Porto Wine Cellars.

Book this tour for March and take advantage of the new warm weather! Porto is filled with grace this time of year.

Serra da Estrela Tour

Whether you’re a fan of Winter Sports or just a nature lover, Serra da Estrela is the go-to place for your family vacation. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are some of the winter sports on the menu. Choose the number one mountain in Portugal and go on this journey! Hopefully, you’ll still get the chance to see some snow!

The Bread Museum and Cheese Museum are two other places you’ll be visiting. The tour can only be complete with a visit to nearby towns: Covilhã, a bigger city, which still maintains its rural character, as the high mountains remain in sight at all times.

Visit the University of Beira Interior or admire the work of many graffiti and visual artists, which can be seen on the walls of abandoned city buildings and that are part of the Festival of Street Art; rural Seia, in turn, is best known for its delicious food, such as the cheeses, sausage meats, and honey.

This is yet another example of Nature’s magnificence. During Spring the snow will go away, and the let the flowers blossom, turning everything into vibrant colors. Lastly, go for a stroll only the narrow streets of tiny Manteigas.

Do stop by a local café for a cheese and ham sandwich accompanied by a bowl of soup and a glass of wine! This will keep you warm during the day in this cold region!

Climb the Tower or go for a hike in the mountains and let the sunshine in!

Fátima Tour

Fátima is known for its Shrine and to be the most famous pilgrimage place in Portugal since 1907, when three little shepherds claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary.

You’ll be surprised to find other exciting locations nearby, such as the town’s medieval village, Vila Medieval de Ourém, the Ourém Castle or Spring of Agroal, which is symbolic for being a speck of stillness amidst our frantic everyday lives.

Visit the caves -in Portuguese grutas- Grutas de Mira d’ Aire, Grutas de Alvados and Grutas de Santo António .

Lisbon Tour

This Lisbon tour will marvel you and make you fall in love with Portugal’s capital city. March will be an excellent month for you to visit because it’ll be Spring and the weather will be consequently warmer. Hop on the tour bus and enjoy the urban life of gorgeous Lisboa!

Parque das Nações is one of the places you’ll be visiting. The acclaimed Expo ‘98 took place in here. This great exhibition consisted of a homage that marked the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese Great Discoveries. While you’re in there go on a cable car ride and soak up the sun and the clear sky!

Other tourist attractions include the Downtown Historic Center, known as the Baixa Pombalina. Rebuilt after an earthquake destroyed the city center, in 1755, this is a bustling part of the town.

Continue touring, and you’ll get to Parque Eduardo VII, a shade of green amidst the city concrete, which enables you to go on a hike and relax or sit on the green grass.

You’ll stumble upon many essential features of the country’s History, for example, Tower of Belém. A symbol for the Portuguese heritage, as well as the world heritage, this is currently a reminder of Portugal’s important role in the business world of yesteryear.

The Cristo-Rei statue, in Almada, is also an example of the historical nature of the city. It draws inspiration from the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hundreds of people visit this site every day to get an extraordinary view of Lisbon’s north and south banks, which are united by the 25 de Abril Bridge.

Finally, wander through Alfama and Chiado. These two historical neighborhoods are a lasting symbol of Lisbon’s charm and tradition. Seize the warm weather and walk these narrow streets and alleys! Feel the energy that surrounds you and takes advantage of the spectacular settings you’re in.

Sintra Tour

Sintra looks like something out of a movie, which makes it so hard to believe that this is a real place, but we can assure you this is the truth. Sintra’s mountains are the ground upon which the village is located.

Visiting this site in the Spring is magical, as space is filled with a dense forest and many different species of flora. Pena National Palace, Pena’s Park, The Regaleira Villa and Palace of Queluz are some of the fantastic buildings you’ll be visiting.

The season can change one’s view of the site and turn it into a whole new adventure. For example, February in the Sintra mountains is different from May in the same place.

Those experiences are both unique, and you have to see it for yourself so that you can figure out what is the best time of the year for you to be touring the mountains.

You can seize the day in many astonishing spots in the village: The Pena Palace – built on a steep rock and surrounded by dense forest. From here you’ll get a beautiful view of the sea and the landscape.

While you’re there don’t forget to visit the museum that is home to countless items of Portugal History.

This tour includes stops at some of the prettiest buildings in the village, the Regaleira Villa being one of those. The Villa is intended to be a representation of one man’s idea of a microcosmos.

The lush vegetation lends its charm to the place. Come and see that for yourself. The lavish gardens are waiting for your visit!

The westernmost point of continental Europe: Cape of Roca – Cabo da Roca is situated here and offers you a comprehensive view of the Mountains in Sintra, as well as a glimpse of the amazing coast.

Évora Tour

Évora is located in Alentejo, one of the country’s hottest regions during the Summer. If you choose to visit in March, you’re going to enjoy the warm weather. The tour to this town in the south of Portugal will give you the quietness you’ve dreaming for your whole vacation.

Évora is a much quieter town than Lisbon and Porto, for example, and has beautiful landscapes and monuments for you to visit. This is a high pick if you want to have a calming and relaxing day!

The weather will feel joyful and warm, as it’s going to be Spring. You’ll visit some of the town’s most important elements, such as The Roman Temple of Évora, at Largo Conde de Vila Flor, The Cathedral of Évora, The Museum of Évora, The Centro de Arte e Cultura Eugénio de Almeida or the Public Library.

Be prepared to wander the charming streets and squares of Évora, like Giraldo’s Square, and walk on the famous Portuguese sidewalk all the while admiring the beautiful façades of the surrounding buildings. All of this during great sunlight.

Hold your breath and enjoy the unusual sight, while visiting The Bone Chapel, which walls are covered in bones and human skulls “…the ones who lay here, wait for yours”, as reads at the entrance of the chapel.

This very different tour will be complete after a visit to Fábrica de Cortiça – Cork Factory- and to the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida for a wine tasting. This will be a fantastic time for you to enjoy the wonders of Alentejo! Put on a t-shirt and let’s start moving!