Best Tours in Portugal – May

Spring is here, and summer will be here in no time, so that can only mean something: it’s time for you to plan your next holidays! You and your family have agreed on sunny Portugal, so all you have to do now is chose the places you’ll be visiting.

This article will provide you with some useful information on the available tours throughout the country. This way it’ll be easier for you to make a decision and pick the tour(s) that best suit your requests! Grasp the warmth of Spring and the refreshing feeling of summer that is just around the corner!

These are the tours:

  • Porto tour
  • Serra da Estrela Tour
  • Fátima Tour
  • Lisbon Tour
  • Sintra Tour
  • Évora Tour

Porto Tour

Our destiny for today is Porto, the charming town built alongside the hillsides and overlooking the Douro River. You can expect a visit to some of Porto’s most iconic sites, such as The Cathedral of Porto, built between the 12th and 13th centuries; the São Bento Station, one of the most beautiful train stations in the whole world.

Luiz I Bridge and the Monastery of Serra do Pilar; a visit to a Port Wine Cellar and a tasting of this delicious gem in the Porto Wine Cellars located at Vila Nova de Gaia, a town on the southern bank of the Douro river.

The great Tower of Clérigos and Carmo Church; Lello Bookstore, the famous bookstore which served as a source of inspiration for JK Rowling while she was writing Harry Potter.

Aliados Avenue, the renowned site of celebrations of various events; Mercado do Bolhão, the most appreciated market in Portugal for its super pleasant workers; Santa Catarina Street, the heart of the local commerce and home of the distinguished Majestic Café; the São Bento Railway Station and its twenty thousand tiles of magnificent beauty.

To top it off you’ll be visiting all of this under a clear blue sky and a beautiful sun!

Serra da Estrela Tour

This Full day Tour will allow you to take a break from work and get a breath of fresh air. If you’re an old fan of a pleasant hike through the mountains and your family is a nature lover this is the tour for you!

This trip to the number one mountain in Portugal includes a visit to less known places, such as the Bread Museum and Cheese Museum, where you’ll learn more about two of the region’s specialties: bread and cheese.

You’ll also visit nearby cities, Covilhã, a more urban town, Seia, a rural and peaceful town, and Manteigas, a small village whose name is the Portuguese word for butter (used in Plural).

If you want to get a glimpse of the spectacular landscape, climb the Tower, which is the highest point in these mountains. It’s a beautiful sunny day out, so put on your sneakers and go for a hike! Don’t be surprised if you run into a goat on the way. It’ pretty common there!

Fátima Tour

Fátima’s Shrine has been the country’s most famous place of worship since the Blessed Virgin’s sightings happened a century ago. On the 13th May 1907, three little shepherds claimed to have seen the Blessed Virgin and Fátima has been an important religious site ever since.

If you happen to be here during this time, you’ll be a part of this celebration, which happens every 13th of May.

Many pilgrims come here on foot from several places in Portugal to fulfill their vows. You can also come and observe this phenomenon for yourself. While you’re there, you must visit other interesting locations nearby, such as the town’s medieval village, Vila Medieval de Ourém, the Ourém Castle or Spring of Agroal.

The latter being symbolic for a pop of quietness amidst our frantic everyday lives. Visit the Caves of Mira d’ Aire, Alvados and Santo António.

Lisbon Tour

This full day private tour will provide you with an unforgettable day in the Grand Lisboa. May is an excellent month for you to visit because it’ll be Spring and the weather will be warmer. Hop on the tour bus and be ready to lose your breath many times during the day.

Visit the splendid Tower of Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery, feel the comfort and tradition that the famous neighborhoods Alfama and Castelo exude.

And don’t miss the chance to get a taste of Portugal’s delicious cuisine: eat as many pastéis de nata – a small tart of flaky dough filled with smooth custard- as you can! The long hikes will compensate for this food extravaganza!

Other tourist attractions include the Baixa Pombalina, the historic center which was rebuilt after an earthquake wrecked the city center, in 1755; arrive at Parque Eduardo VII and go on a hike or sit on the green grass.

Visit The Cristo-Rei statue, in Almada, so that you get an extraordinary view of Lisbon’s north and south banks, which are united by the 25 de Abril Bridge. The statue draws inspiration from the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Feel the energy that surrounds you and forget all about your problems!

Sintra Tour

The village of Sintra looks like it was taken from a dream and put into cinema, mostly due to its idyllic aura. Located on top of Sintra’s mountains, Serra de Sintra, Sintra is home to marvelous sites such as the Pena National Palace, Regaleira Villa, one of Serra de Sintra’s most astonishing monuments, Pena’s Park, the Monserrate Palace or the Sintra National Palace.

Every place in sight is beautiful and filled with the Serra charm. You must try the village’s specialty: queijada de Sintra, a dessert that consists of cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, flour and a pinch of cinnamon.

All of these elements are coated with a layer of flaky and crusty dough. Don’t worry about eating the queijada, as you’ll be taking long walks afterward!
The month of May in the Sintra mountains is unique, because of the dense forest and the lush and lavish gardens that have blossomed.

Visit the many astonishing spots in the village: The Pena Palace, the Regaleira Villa, a microcosmos on earth and the westernmost point of continental Europe: Cape of Roca, which offers a broad view of the Mountains in Sintra, as well as a privileged view of the amazing coast.

Évora Tour

This full-day tour to Évora will you provide with the stillness you’ve been craving for your holiday. Located in the Alentejo region, Évora’s allure comes from its beautiful natural landscapes and its historical monuments, such as The Roman Temple, a monument of the Roman occupation.

The Praça do Giraldo, a vast open space where you can cool down and have a drink; the fantastic Chapel of Bones, which has its walls covered in human bones and skulls.

Visit the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida and have a tour guide show you the historic cellar and have yourself a tasting of the wine and olive oil.

The weather will be great, as it’ll be Spring and Summer will be just around the corner! Put on a t-shirt and let’s start moving!