22 reasons to visit Portugal in the Winter

Not too long ago Portugal was Europe’s hidden gem. Recently it got discovered and is visited every day by hundreds of tourists. As of today, it’s an established place for a Summer Vacation. However, you may be surprised by the country’s beauty in wintry days! These are 22 reasons why you should visit Portugal during Winter!

Nazaré’s Giant Waves

Nazaré is currently considered to be the number one place to go surfing due to its magnificent beaches and massive waves. It was here, at Praia do Norte, that Garrett McNamara successfully drifted down a curl that measured an impressive 78 feet. This has earned him the Guinness World Records title for Largest wave surfed.

The biggest waves occur during the Winter – from October until March- so this is the right time for you to come visit.

Sintra in the Winter

The current season plays a significant role in one’s enjoyment of a place. Some sites look better during the Winter, others during the Summer and some are amazing when Autumn arrives in town.

This is an important thing to have in mind when booking your vacation, as it can make it or break it. The Sintra tour is an excellent example of this. The village is located atop the dense forest of Sintra. In the Summer there’s a clear view and blue sky, therefore for some, it might be best to visit it in during this time of year.

However, you can enjoy this site in wintry days, as the haze turns Sintra into a super mysterious set. These are two completely different experiences that you should have!


Winter or Summer, Portugal’s nightlife is always very vibrant and fun. If you book the Lisbon Tour, you’ll end up at Bairro Alto, the neighborhood where it all happens. You can party there until 4 a.m!

Believe me when I tell you that there’s going to be people outside the bar chatting along even if it’s freezing. Pick the Porto tour, and you’ll have a similar atmosphere. Coimbra is also pretty lively but on a much smaller scale. Take this into consideration when choosing your destiny!

Douro river tours

Take a calming boat ride through the Douro River in a traditional Rabelo Boat and admire the vineyards and stunning landscape, in Porto, Peso da Régua and Pinhão. Afterward, it’s time to get a taste of that delicious wine!

Winter sports at Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is the number one mountain in Portugal, and it’s the only place in Portugal where you can practice some Winter Sports: skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. You’ll love the beautiful landscape, which will welcome you in a white mantle.

Delicious comfort food

Portugal’s cuisine is well known around the world. Tasting the local gastronomy is one of the many wonders of visiting a new country and during Wintertime is even more enjoyable.

There is plenty of savory food for you to try and that will keep you warm and cozy. The Caldo Verde, for example, is a super-rich cabbage soup best served with a chorizo slice. There’s also the feijoada, a dish made out of beans, cabbage, several pieces of meat and rice. It’s delicious, and it will leave you full and super ready for touring.

You can have these dishes everywhere in the country. If you book the Serra da Estrela’s Tour, you must eat the cheese, bread, and sausages.


Portugal’s climate is one of its best assets and has been acclaimed for many years now. Don’t expect a severe Winter, on the contrary, it’ll get cold, but you’ll have good amounts of light during the day and a few days of rain! You can expect clear and blue skies for most of the days there, even in the coldest ones!

No crowds

If you choose to visit Portugal during the Winter you’ll avoid big crowds, so you’ll have a much more peaceful trip. You won’t have to wait in huge lines for your ticket or to enter a restaurant. Besides that, you can enjoy the landscape more peacefully and away from other loud tourists.

Great Prices

Portugal will be of great interest to you due to its low prices. You won’t spend large amounts of money. The meals in restaurants are relatively cheap, as well as the drinks at bars. Ask a fellow tourist, and he’ll nod affirmatively.

You’ll be served a big plate of tasty food for a great price. What’s better than not having to worry about weighing the money in your pocket during the holiday season?

Better customer service everywhere

Low season means fewer people, no crowds, more time saved waiting in lines and a better customer service everywhere. The employees won’t be so stressed out by so many people, consequently the customer service we’ll be way more relaxed and customized.

You’ll finally get why so many people say the Portuguese are so friendly and super welcoming!

Winter sunshine

Portugal’s great weather means you’ll have winter sunshine. It’ll be freezing during the winter, but the sky will be clear, and the sun will always be on sight. This makes a huge difference in your mood, as well as the fact that the days are still longer than in most countries. The more rays of sunshine you get, the more lit up you’ll be.


Portugal is a small country, where you can walk at ease at different times of the day and keep an unconcerned attitude. There are some quieter places for you to visit: the Historical villages tour, for example. Or the trip to Nazaré, Batalha and Óbidos, three very peaceful villages, where you’ll feel you don’t need to worry about your safety.

Porto and Lisbon are busier cities, especially nowadays, but they remain a very safe place for you to tour. Take your time during the vacation, have a relaxing time and a carefree attitude!

Óbidos Christmas Village

Óbidos lights up every year during Winter Season due to its Christmas Village. The whole place dresses up in Christmas attire – the lights, the sparks, and even the Óbidos castle put you on a festive mood.

Santa Claus, gnomes, reindeers and the village people – with no exceptions- greet the tourists who come to visit! It seems as if you were transported to a magic moment in time. If you’re a fan of Christmas, you must go to this charming winter wonderland!

Great Christmas Decorations

Christmas is really big in Portugal as you can tell by the humongous Christmas decorations everywhere, that create a super unique atmosphere that you can’t run away from.

They’ll be downtown, in the shopping malls and even in the castles. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors (mostly white, red, green and gold) they help to establish a magical scenery. You’ll be delighted whether you’re a Christmas fan or not!


Portugal’s big on celebrations, so you won’t be disappointed when you’re waiting for the countdown on New Year’s Eve, all the while sipping on your champagne flute, and watching the breathtakingly and colorful fireworks.

They are so beloved by many Portuguese that they happen on several other occasions. If you love to see this show, then you must visit Portugal!.


The Algarve region is both an acclaimed summer destination as well as a wellness destination, the latter happening during Winter time. There are many offers at eco-friendly establishments for you who’ve been dreaming of a relaxing Winter vacation at a spa.

This is also the place for you if you’re looking for a romantic getaway: sandy beaches, chilly nights and amazing landscapes.


Enjoy the peacefulness of the Portuguese beaches during the winter. We have many tours for you to choose from. The Algarve Tour, The Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais Tour are the perfect option for you, if you want to run away from the traditional beach experience.

By booking these tours, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds: the breezy atmosphere, the relaxing tone, and the circling green shades will get you in touch with nature’s greatness.

Don’t worry about the heat

Walking is one of the best ways to discover a new place. And this is harder during the Summer, especially if you’re going up the steep streets in Lisbon (a city which was built on hillsides).

Thus, it ’ll be easier for you to visit during the Winter, as you’ll avoid the sometimes painfully high temperatures of the Summertime!


If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, choose the Park of Peneda-Gerês to be your winter destination. Go on a hike and discover several species of animals and plants, that will astound you, as some of them only exist in Portugal. And if you’re lucky enough you might see snow!

Gerês is also famous for its thermal waters, so the cherry on top of the cake will be a visit to the local spa!


Fado is Portugal’s most famous genre of music. The word means destiny, so the songs are very intense and melancholic. These characteristics go well with the Winter Glow. You’ll have to drop by a Fado House and listen carefully to the repertoire that will be in accord with the weather outside.

Water Sports

During the winter, the water temperature is excellent for water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, and bodyboard, etc. Book any tour in the center of Portugal like Nazaré, Aveiro or Coimbra and go for a dive! You’ll stumble upon a nautical sports school, which offers very cheap lessons at this time of the year.

Hot Drinks

And last but not least, there’s nothing better than a hot drink on a cold winter day. Portugal is famous for its excellent coffee – the expresso- and for its teas, an Indian and African heritage from the spice trade era. The tea’s aroma and spices will help to keep you warm and cozy!

17 reasons to visit Portugal in the Summertime

Portugal was Europe’s hidden gem for a long time until it got discovered by the many tourists that visit it every day. The climate, the amazing coastline, and the incredible landscapes are some of the country’s perks.

Many Portuguese say that Portugal is just a little country planted by the sea. These are 17 reasons why Portugal should be your next summer holiday destination!

Alentejo road

The roads in Alentejo are amongst some of the most beautiful ways you’ll ever see. All due to its beautiful vegetation. You’ll know you’re in Alentejo when somewhere along the drive you’ll encounter vast plains of cork oaks and poplars in sight. Pick the Algarve Tour, for example, that will drive you past these rural roads.

You have to sit back and enjoy the view of the breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Summer is the perfect time to take this tour because it’s sunny and warm outside and nature’s features live up to its potential.


You’ve probably heard all about the Portuguese wines and possibly have tasted one before: Porto Wine – Ruby, Tawny, White -, Madeira Wine, Moscatel…These are all famous worldwide, having received many accolades and awards.

Some of our tours include a visit to wine regions and its wines cellars. Our primary goal is for you to learn more about the brands and the whole process involved in winemaking. And to top it off you’ll get a taste of this delicious drink during your visit to the cellars.

These are some of the regions included in the tours: Porto, where the acclaimed Porto wine is produced; Setúbal and Azeitão, two places that offer the best conditions to the muscatel wine raw material- the Muscat grapes; Évora, a town in the south of Portugal, is famous for the Cartuxa wine.

You’ll get to know the brands and the whole process, as well as to figure out what’s the best drink for your everyday meal during the holidays.


Portugal is a small country with a lovely atmosphere. It’s a very safe place, where you can walk at ease at different times of the day and not worry about your safety. There are some quieter places for you to visit.

Choose the Historical villages tour, for example, and travel to Nazaré, Batalha, and Óbidos, three very peaceful villages, where you’ll feel at home and carefree.

Porto and Lisbon are busier cities, especially nowadays, but they remain a very safe place for you to tour, despite its busing atmosphere. Take your time during the vacation and do have an unconcerned attitude.

Sintra during the summer

The season plays a significant role in one’s fruition of a place. Some sites look better during the Summer and others during the Winter. It’s not only a matter of taste but an important thing to have in mind when booking your vacation, as it can make it or break it.

The Sintra tour is an excellent example of this assumption. The village is located atop the dense forest of Sintra. Therefore it’s best for you to visit it in Summer because during the winter the mist gets in the way of you enjoying the landscape at its fullest.

In turn, during the summertime, there’s a clear view, that allows you to have the best enjoyment of the westernmost point of continental Europe – Cape of Roca- the Pena Palace, the Regaleira Villa and the other amazing buildings there.

The viewpoints present to you a clear sky, instead of a hazy mist, something typical during wintry days.

Costa Vicentina

This name refers to the coastal strip that goes all the way from Alentejo to Algarve. It has some of the most beautiful sights of the country’s coastline.

Summer is itself a great time of the year because you feel more relaxed and carefree, add to that a fantastic scenery in shades of blue, and you have the best holidays you can get.

Pick the Évora Tour, which starts at Alentejo and ends at the Algarve, and you’ll get along the way a great view of the sea from the window of the bus.


The Algarve has been for ages a beloved region during summertime. Portuguese and tourists have chosen it as their holiday destination for many years now.

And it’s easy to understand why this is: the gorgeous beaches are some of the best in the country, and most importantly the waters are warm and calm, unlike the ones in the north of Portugal. Some of the beaches in the region have even been referred to as being the most beautiful on earth –

The Huffington Post chose the Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos. (Sun) bathe in these marvelous wonders during the day and enjoy the busy nightlife afterward!


Portugal’s climate is one of its best assets and has been acclaimed for many years now. In Summer it’s hot outside and the days are longer, so you’ll feel instantly better and happier. And you’ll be vacationing, so this is the perfect scenario.

The warm weather begs for a day out, so choose the tours that best suit your summer needs. If you want a relaxing day at the beach go for something like the Algarve Tour; if you’re going to take a stroll and discover more about the city’s history and tradition, pick the Porto or Lisbon Tour, for example. If you want to be out and about in nature, the Serra da Estrela is the tour for you. All that matters is that the weather will be great!

River beaches

Summer days can get hot, so people who live in cities away from the sea have to resort to river beaches, but that doesn’t mean that they’re worse. Many river beaches have beautiful sights. Take the Fátima Tour, for example. There are many beautiful river beaches in the country, some of them being crowded and other hidden treasures.

Summer festivals

Porto and Lisbon welcome some of the most important music festivals during the summer. If you’re a music lover, this will be of great interest to you. Why not book a day tour to Porto, spend the day discovering the city and its marvelous sites, and then at night go to a festival?

The long days will make you feel like you can do everything. And you can! Enjoy the city’s charm during the day and rock your heart out at a concert at night. This will be the best of both worlds, so what you’re waiting for?


Surf is a pretty big sport in Portugal as for today. The Nazaré giant waves have something to do with it because they put Portugal on the surf route.

This fishing village has become a go-to place if you’re a surfer or just an admirer of this sport.

Pick the Algarve Tour or/and the Historical Villages Tour, so that you’ll get the chance to surf some waves or enjoy the magic scenery. All of this happens in a place with great sights, great people and great food!

Great Prices

Portugal will be of great interest to you due to its low prices. You won’t spend much money here, even if you go out to dinner or to get some drinks. Ask a fellow tourist, and he’ll agree.

You’ll get great food for a great price. What’s better than not having to worry about your finances during the holidays? Book now one or more tours to some of the fantastic sites in the country!


The nightlife in Portugal is known for being one of the best in Europe. You already know that the prices are low, so that’s a plus, now imagine a night out during hot summer nights. There’ll be many themed parties and lots of great music.

If you choose the Lisbon Tour, you’ll end up at Bairro Alto, the heart of the nightlife in the capital. You can party there until 4 a.m! Pick the Porto tour, and you’ll have a similar atmosphere. Other tours like the Algarve Tour offer you an idyllic scenery of parties at the beach. I know what you’ll be doing next summer!

Superb mountains

Portugal has much more to offer than sunny beaches. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll have to get a look at the fantastic mountains during the summer. The Sintra Mountains, the Serra da Estrela Mountains, the Arrábida Mountains… These are some of the places you’ll be visiting! Go for a hike, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your work free days!

Santos Populares

June is the month of the saint’s festivities in Lisbon and Porto- Santo António and São João, respectively. The residents celebrate the “Santos Populares,” as they call them, with lots of beer, wine, sardines on bread and popular music. In Porto, the citizens grab a hammer made out of plastic and use it to hammer people’s heads as part of the tradition.

It’s all super chill, don’t worry. Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, a town on the southern bank of the Douro River, are bursting at the seams this time of year. In Lisbon there’s even a parade where the different neighborhoods present a show; they call it the “Marchas Populares.” They put on their best costumes and sing and dance to traditional themes.

There are even the weddings of Santo António when many couples celebrate their marriage on the Santo António day simultaneously. This an enjoyable event for the locals and the tourists, as the city is lightened up by the ornaments everywhere!

Peixe fresco e marisco

Summertime is just the right time for you to eat some fresh fish by the beach. The fishing village of Nazaré is a great place to eat a spectacular grilled fish – sea bass, sea bream, horse-mackerel, sardines-, a fish stew or some shellfish.

Choose the Historical Villages Tour or the Sesimbra Tour, for example, and feast your eyes and your stomach with the fantastic views and delicious cuisine.


The Algarve loves Golf, and so do you. If you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll be happy to hear that this is a favorite sport in the southern region of Portugal. If a golf course is a must have for your vacation, book a tour to Lisbon or the Algarve!


Fado is Portugal’s most famous music. The word means destiny, so the songs are very intense and depict life’s most emotional events. During the summer there’ll be lots of music outside, and you’ll stumble upon many houses of Fado.

You have Fado of Lisbon and Fado of Coimbra. You have to pick a tour of these cities and experience both of the events!